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Which service is right for me?

Dec 8

An efficient and competent firepower hospitality workforce is available

RestaurantZone was established in 2014. It is a respected, innovative, and results-oriented hotel recruitment firm. Our combined industry experience is over 250 years. We are skilled at hiring managers, executives, and hourly workers in all industries related to hospitality.

With a database of over 770,000+ hospitality professionals, we can use innovative sourcing tools, traditional recruiting techniques, and custom talent acquisition strategies for our clients to find the best candidates. Our experienced recruiters have extensive knowledge in both recruitment and operations.

We are here to help our clients recruit more effectively, efficiently, and with greater impact.

Which service is right for me?

RestaurantZone recognizes that every business is unique and requires a customized approach. There are many factors that influence the best search results, including time constraints, search difficulty, location, market conditions, budget, seniority, and confidentiality.

Our team considers all these factors and uses our experience and expertise to determine the best search solution for your company.

Non-Exclusive Contingency Search

Companies that want to use additional resources to complement our Non-Exclusive search are well served.

  • Five qualified candidates will be identified within seven to 14 business days of the search being launched.
  • Includes background checks & references.
  • A replacement guarantee of 100 days is available for candidates who are fired.
  • A small upfront fee is required to start your search.

This option lets you be flexible with your candidate search.

RZ DirectHire

RZ DirectHire gives you instant access to some of the best and brightest top Management/Executives, Culinary Talent, Corporate-Office and Hourly Staff. RZ DirectHire calls many people and they are always open to new opportunities.

  • This option is great for urgent job orders that require double the number of candidates.
  • Candidates can be received within 24 hours.
  • Talk to an account representative to get your search underway.

RZ DirectHire provides the most efficient and cost-effective search engine.

Exclusive Retained Search

Retained Search is also known as an Exclusive Search. It's an extension of your human resource department. Your search efforts are our responsibility. We will use every resource and tool we have to assist you with your search.

  • Comprehensive candidate screening & due diligence. This includes but is not limited too to pre-employment screening, background investigations, and reference checks, employment verification, and cognitive testing.
  • It is crucial to set a time frame and goals. Unlimitless numbers of qualified candidates may be submitted until the job is filled.
  • Candidates who quit their job for any reason are entitled to extended replacement warranties ranging from 6 months to one year.

The Retained Search is our most extensive and comprehensive search option.

QuickHire Search

This is the best way for companies to test potential employees before hiring. This is an excellent option for companies that want to test new employees before hiring.

  • Ideal for hourly workers, managers, and executives
  • Five qualified candidates will be identified within seven to 14 business days of the search being launched.
  • Includes background checks & references.
  • A small upfront fee is required to start your search.
  • The first week of candidate work is completely free After the first week, a weekly charge will be assessed and a buyout conversion (permanent finder's fee) takes place within 30-60 calendar days.
Outsourcing Recruitment

This option works well for large, mid-sized businesses with many hiring needs.

We will:

  • You and your operations team need to work together to make quick hires. This will increase the hiring time.
  • Hiring can be cheaper.
  • You can improve the quality and quantity of your candidate pool.
  • Provide data & verifiable metrics.

Learn how our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions (RPO), can help you concentrate on your business while we manage the hiring.