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A face mug is the perfect gift!

Dec 16

The custom ceramic face mug shows off your unique personality and style. HannahBCeramics created these unique face mugs. They are made from high-quality, stoneware clay. To ensure durability, they are twice fired in the kiln. The face-mugs come in two sizes: 13oz and 14.

These face cups are distinctive because they have several unique characteristics. Protective liquid protection is provided by the clear glaze that seals the painted colors. Each mug's high-fired ceramic construction gives it greater strength, durability, and stability than other styles. Additionally, the materials used in these face cups are lead-free, biodegradable.

Ceramic Face Mug as a Business Present

Business gifts that are made from ceramic include custom ceramic facemugs. These can be personalized with your business logo, website address or other details to increase brand awareness. These promotional products can be used to give away business gifts to clients and employees at company events. These ceramic face cups can also be used by companies to reward employees for hard work.

Prices for custom ceramic face cups start at $35. The price increases depending on the customization requested. Additional fees may apply if you need a logo for your business, website address, or any other item added to the mug. For any other requests (e.g. adding a name or changing the hair colour), please contact HannahBCeramics. HannahBCeramics offers a free price quote.

The facemug is the ideal way to show off your style and personality. The face-mug makes an ideal gift for any occasion. HannahBCeramics is the place to go to order your custom ceramic facemug.

Making a ceramic clay face mug begins by selecting the right clay. The clay is then hand-formed into the desired shape. The face is next sculpted using special techniques and tools. After the face has been sculpted, the mug is fired in a firebox. Finally, the glaze is applied to the mug and it is fired again. Hannah uses face making techniques that have been refined over the years in order to create face mugs featuring different faces. Hannah has tried many face-making options and discovered which ones are the best for creating accurate mug heads.

No more searching for your customized face mug! You can order your mug by going to checkout. The product page has more information and a description about each individual mug. HannahBCeramics accepts orders from all countries. For more information, please visit our website. Also, be on the lookout for Holiday sales.

HannahBCeramics custom ceramic facemugs are a great option if you are looking for something unique, a unique gift or a unique mug to match your cookies.