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Wollongong Art Gallery

Jan 7

About Wollongong Art Gallery

The Wollongong Art Gallery is an art museum that strives to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of visual arts for people from all walks of life. They also want visitors from other parts around Australia or even just passing through town!

Wollongong Art Gallery is a place where you can see the most recent paintings, sculptures and other works of art from across Australia. The permanent collection not only documents Illawarra regional histories but also reflects developments in painting practices around our country as well! Whether it be modern-day trends or issues relevant to all humans everywhere - we have something for everyone at WAG!.

Wollongong Art Gallery is a world-class regional art gallery with an exciting schedule of high-quality exhibitions. The WAG also manages the collection, which features contemporary works by Australian and international artists as well colonial-era pieces from Asia to Africa! Visitors can enjoy these amazing finds at their own pace in our modern space designed specifically for you - no matter what your age or interests may be.

What to do at Wollongong Art Gallery?

The Wollongong Art Gallery is home to one of the largest collections in Australia, with over 2 500 items and objects on display. The museum houses a large collection that includes works by local artists as well those from other parts of our country like contemporary or indigenous arts; it also features various artworks made using Asian materials such paintings by Westerners who lived here centuries ago like Rembrandt van Rijn--a Dutch painter known for his elegant style which can be seen at Maryland’s National Portrait Gallery (among others).

A gallery is a place where you can find and see art from around the world. They have an eclectic collection of both famous, modern paintings as well as emerging trends in contemporary visual culture that will appeal to everyone's taste! If it has something at all related to art then this might be your perfect spot for some shopping or browsing sessions because there really isn't anything like them anywhere else on earth!!

The Gallery's external exhibition space is designed to be temporary, with multiple panels that can transform into a variety of different things. The Community Gallery provides access for the public and also allows them an opportunity to share their work in one place while they're here!

The Gallery occupies the former City Council Administration Building, which was designed by Reginald J McGoffin in an austere and stripped back classical style. It officially opened its doors to visitors on May 2nd 1956 as a venue for coronations and government functions alike- it has since become one of London's most visited art galleries! The floor plan at this museum evokes nothing less than royalty; with each room representing another facet or jewels atop Queen Elizabeth IIsjewelry crown commemorating her recent victory over Scottish separatists who sought independence from Great Britain during last year’s referendum vote (I know right!?).


One local company in Wollongong involve in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Decking Wollongong

Address: 129 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW 2519

Phone: (02) 4263 0673