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What are the Best Home Renovations?

Jan 27

What are the Best Home Renovations?

By Round Rock Home Remodeling


It's smart to make improvements. You shouldn't do this too often. There are four types to consider when remodeling your home. These are the basics, curb appeal, value-added, and personal preference.


1. Basics

Buyers expect to have the basics when they buy a home. You need a sturdy roof, reliable furnace, functional downspouts, and gutters as well a dry basement. Also important are solid floors and walls in good shape, as well as retaining walls that function. Potential buyers require that your home's plumbing and HVAC systems are in good working order. Basic features may include multiple garages or bathrooms on upscale properties.


You don’t have to completely replace everything. You don't have to replace everything. It's possible for you to focus on small improvements that are inexpensive and maintain your property. These items won't add value to a property that's in poor condition. It will just bring it up to the same level as other homes in your area, which allows you to offer a comparable value.


But, it is not a good idea to hire Texas remodelers and builders who aren't necessary to your property. You may not only lose your money but could also end up being a potential buyer’s nemesis. Before you spend too much money on a complete renovation, think about the competition. Compare similar homes in your neighborhood and make changes based upon what you see.


2. Curb Appeal

Items that improve curb appeal make your property more desirable to potential buyers. These items will not add much value to your house, but they will make your property more appealing and help sell it faster. Curb appeal is all about a neat yard, well-maintained landscaping, fresh paint at least at the front door, clean carpets, and new fixtures. These projects can be done by yourself, saving time and money.


Keep it simple. Bold design choices may not be a good idea. You can make your home beautiful with simple design elements like backsplashes or accent walls.


Lighting can also come at a high cost. Your home should be bright and welcoming. However, you don't want to overpower the wiring. You can upgrade to LED or recessed lighting for a modern look. An interior decorator will be able to assist you with these types of projects. Choose affordable options.


Avoid bold design choices in your decor. Your home will look more appealing if it has subtle accent walls or stylish backsplashes.


3. Added value

These projects provide great value to Fix-it, Flip-it enthusiasts. These projects should be a top priority for homeowners. These projects are unlikely to be able to pay back their expenses. Some of the most popular investments that provide the best return on your investment include new siding, kitchen remodeling (new countertops, state-of-the-art appliances, and windows), and other projects such as roofing. These projects often result in a return of 80% or more on their investment when they are resold.


4. Personal Preference

Personal preference projects give you the opportunity to pick and choose what you would like to purchase. You can find these amenities in many parts of the country, including hot tubs and tennis courts. A swimming pool does not add value to a property. An in-ground swimming pool can be quite costly. Many homeowners see a pool as a danger and hassle. You cannot use the pool for more than three months of the year unless it is in a tropical location.


These items are affordable and can be added easily to your home. But, buyers shouldn't be expected to pay more to purchase them when you're ready for it to go. You should be cautious if you plan to replace an outdated or well-known feature during renovations. If there isn’t another house in the same neighborhood, it is worth thinking twice about making your garage a game room. Are you sure you don’t want to be considered the house with the best private parking spot?


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