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Kuranda Scenic Railway

Feb 9

About Kuranda Scenic Railway

Imagine all that natural wonder so close you can almost touch it. Your senses are alive with the heady organic fragrance and untamed sounds of dense rainforest, twelve hundred species flowering plants 8 different types of trees including spectacular orchids strange figs as well as hundreds of creatures inhabit this lush green world
Kuranda Scenic Railway has created an experience like no other in Far North Queensland where guests will be thrilled by observing exotic palms alongside native birds such as pet-friendly kangaroos whilst learning about their environment onboard our modern steam trains.

You will be one with the rainforest on your journey when you go to Kuranda Scenic Railway. It's a must-do experience for anyone who loves seeing nature up close and personal, or just wants an unforgettable adventure! The train travels from Cairns all over Freshwater where it stops at several stations before reaching its final destination; this famous railway winds its way through vast forests filled with amazing plants & animals as well beautiful scenery like waterfalls that plummet down into cracks between rocks.

What To Do At Kuranda Scenic Railway

Gold Class is the way to experience your scenic railway journey in style. You'll be treated like royalty on this luxurious, historic train with handcrafted Victorian décor and lounge seating that's perfect for relaxing after an exciting day at work or exploring all Kuranda has offered. A drink from our bar served by one of Australia’s most qualified waiters will complement any adventure you're looking forward to.

The Queensland Rail Travel network is one of the most comprehensive in Australia, with five long-distance services and two tourist trains to take you everywhere from tropical north shorelines filled with gorgeous islands or outback landscapes. No matter what region it may be that captures your interest- Queensland Rail tapered off at every turn ensuring there's always somewhere new waiting just around.

The Tilt Train is a high-speed electric train that offers regular services from Brisbane to Bundaberg and Rockhampton. Take the tilt-literally! This unique way of travelling allows you to stop off on your journey at Hervey Bay or explore World Heritage Listed Fraser Island while still getting fresh air outside if desired - all without having any trouble with motion sicknesses along this stretch due in part because travellers are always facing forward when riding them (just like aeroplane seats). You can also purchase food & drinks on board; there's even internet available for those who need it.



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