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Bounce House Rentals Three Reasons to Rent Inflatables

Apr 17

Are you considering launching renting bounce houses? You might want to reconsider. The good reason is that there are plenty of reasons to consider doing so. Here are a few of the most popular reasons. The addition of new bounce house items to your rental inventory is an excellent way to keep current customers satisfied and also attract new ones. Three reasons to rent bounce house rentals that will please customers of all different ages. Continue reading to learn how to get started.

The primary benefit of renting bounce houses is that it can be an excellent way to bring entertainment to your party. A bounce house is a fantastic way for kids to have fun and adds an extra dimension to the party. There are numerous rental companies who rent inflatables, but it's important to consider the location of your event. A grassy area is more suited for bounce house materials to be used It is therefore recommended to avoid areas with rocky surfaces, as it can lead to punctures. Convention centers and indoor venues are ideal for renting bounce houses. They have high ceilings, open spaces, and are conducive to renting bounce houses. You can also keep the temperature down by renting bounce houses indoors.

Jumpin Jack's Party Rentals offers excellent Bounce House Rentals Elmhurst, IL in Cornelius, NC. While you can purchase disposable party supplies at local stores, it's best to hire bounce house rentals for your parties. These companies have years of local experience and offer a range of rental options to suit your event. They are licensed and have liability insurance, so you can be sure that you won't be responsible for any damage.

Prices for bounce house rentals depend on the dimensions and features of the inflatable. A simple residential rental of a bounce house can cost between $110 to $600 however, a larger, more elaborate rental could cost up to $1,000. And, a larger party can afford a bounce house that has extra features. The bounce house that has higher costs will usually include additional services such as delivery, setting up and take down.

Jumping Bean Party Rentals offers a variety of water slides, obstacle courses and jump houses. Jumping Bean Party Rentals has locations in the Albany and Saratoga areas of New York and serves the surrounding area. They also rent table and chair rentals, concession stand tents, and games for your party. In addition to rental of bounce houses, Jumping Bean Party Rentals provides other party rental services, including carnival tents, popcorn machines and snow cone machines.

An obstacle course is a fun way to include an inflatable that is interactive at your event. These inflatable races are typically two-player, and they include climbing walls and sliding down to the finish. These inflatables are suitable for all age groups and budgets. Coastal Moonwalks & inflatable bounce house rentals are local businesses that service the Jacksonville and St Augustine regions. They offer excellent customer service and offer an array of exciting activities. For example they have the Disney Frozen Bouncer, as well as a Mickey Mouse or Disney Frozen Bouncer.