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Robelle Domain

May 16

About Robelle Domain

The Robelle Domain parklands, in Ipswich Central, are a jewel of the crown for visitors. Just half an hour from Brisbane's CBD and minutes away by car or train service; you'll find that there is plenty to explore in this beautiful space! The country’s first Icon on Galaxy interactive play equipment provides all abilities playground ensuring no child is left behind while they enjoy their time here with us. Visitors can also take part in walking through rainforest trails complete waterfalls & streams visit our many Lakeside seating areas including one which houses Australia's largest soap bubble machine.

Robelle play area

What to do in Robelle Domain

In an effort to create the most beautiful parkland in Queensland, Robelle Domain has become a mecca for family fun. With 11 kilometers of pathways and 9-meter high light towers that emit spectacular shows at night or during the day when you're seeking relief from the summer heat with large shaded sections available across its length - this space is perfect whether it's just your lunch break or planning on spending hours there! Nearby Orion Lagoon features interconnected pools ranging anywhere between 1m deep all way down 10+ meters where kids can play without getting wet since they don't need swim diapers anymore.

When the sun goes down, it's time for some fun in our free-standing mini aquativity park featuring jet sprays and a 7000 litre tipping water bucket. There are also plenty of picnic amenities to keep you fed while your children have their own adventure on the other side! The best part about this spot? You can enjoy all these features without having Club Level tickets - but don't worry if that doesn’t apply because we offer different packages from  so no matter what day or night fits into your schedule there will always be an option waiting just for you.

Robelle Domain

One local company in Ipswich that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Ipswich Decking

Address: 7 Limestone St, Ipswich QLD 4305

Telephone: (07) 3555 8933