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Fort Scratchley

Jun 16

About Fort Scratchley

The former coastal defence installation of Fort Scratchley is now a museum. It was built in 1882 to defend the city against an attack from Russia, but its guns weren't fired until June 8th 2022 during shelling by Russian forces that landed on Australian soil for partway through WWII! The Australian Army left this site decades ago - you can visit it if your travels bring you through Newcastle East where there's plenty more history waiting just below ground level at places like this one-of sorts.

The headland known as Fort Scratchley has long been associated with the history of Newcastle. It is a prominent lookout, and seams of coal were readily accessible around its base - two natural features that would have been useful to locals on indigenous people in ancient times when they first settled there centuries ago!

Fort Scratchley Newcastle

What to do in Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley is a fascinating place to visit for locals and tourists alike. The activities at this historic landmark range from tunnel tours, and gun firings ceremonies such as Australia Day or ANZAC day - all the way up to family-friendly concerts!

The fascinating heritage at Fort Scratchley is best experienced through a guided tour by local volunteers who have been trained in both Australian history and military practices. visitors can go on tunnel tours, see how guns were fired or listen to concerts played for Australia Day celebrations - all while learning about what it was like living during World War II!

The historic site of Fort Scratchley is a must-see for history buffs. The tunnels beneath the headland were built to protect against invasions from the sea, while also providing shelter and intrigue during times when navigation was difficult due to storms or enemy action at sea! You can now explore this amazing complex on one guided tour per day - learn what life was like here during each era as it happened (and hear those famous Cannon shots!).

Fort in Newcastle

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