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Customised Umbrella Singapore

Aug 31

The Promotional Appeal of Custom Umbrellas

According to surveys conducted by international organizations according to international surveys, everyone living in Singapore has at least two umbrellas. If you consider that the country is home to over 150 days of rain each year, this figure is not a surprise.

But, few businesses have realized the immense advertising potential that customized umbrellas are sure to have. If you consider the idea of offering umbrellas with your company's logo could provide your company a huge amount of exposure. Plus the cost wouldn't be an arm and a leg.

If you're considering incorporating custom umbrellas in Singapore into your promotional campaign, continue reading. It could be the most beneficial decision you've ever taken.


The Benefits of Custom Umbrellas


As you've probably guessed that the most effective promotional items are always useful and practical. Also, it is important to give away items that employees and customers can utilize in their daily life.

In this way In that sense, there aren't many freebies that come even close to umbrellas. Your customers will take advantage of the umbrellas when it rains, and will carry them in their cars and bags. Every time they make use of them, they'll remember you.

Because umbrellas are safe, practical and reliable, people are likely to begin identifying those attributes with your brand well. So, if they ever need the specific product or service you provide and they'll be more likely to consider you and give them an email.

Incredible Branding Area

In relation to promotional items, it's important to take into consideration the print space you have. In the end, you need to be aware of what you can print and how imaginative it is possible to be.

We have some good news! Umbrellas provide the largest branding space compared to other products that are with the same functionality and price range. So, you are able to make whatever design you like and come up with something that everybody will be captivated by. Explore colors, add an image of your company's logo, contact information Don't forget to add some interesting pictures or drawings. With branding areas that large, only the limit is your imagination.


High Visibility

Of course, having a big print area is not much when the item isn't clearly visible. It is a good thing that umbrellas work for this purpose too because they're very visible which can be used for large areas. This means that you don't have to worry about people not seeing your brand's logo or design.

Styles That Suit Everyone

If you're into the old-fashioned and place the safety and longevity prior to all else, you need some customized stormproof umbrellas and brand-name golf umbrellas. They come with a huge canopy, sturdy handle, as well as an open mechanism. This means they are able to endure even the most severe of rainstorms and winds.

However, printed folding umbrellas and personalized strolling umbrellas are more practical , but less durable option. Like their names suggest the umbrellas fold down which makes them convenient to put in pockets for purses, jackets and in automobile storage areas.

While the branding space on umbrellas that fold aren't as large, they are in a bag or case bag that you can print your logo on, maximizing the reach of your message. Therefore, they can be a marketing tool even when they're not in use.


Anyone who runs a small business or just getting started in their field is aware that advertising usually requires an enormous amount of funds. Most companies aren't able to invest in a lot of effort in terms of promotion regardless of how much it will benefit in the end.

There are a variety of ways to promote your brand without consuming your budget completely. Promoting items in your marketing plan is one of them. Likewise, customized budget-friendly umbrellas are the best option to make.

If you're strapped for budget, folding umbrellas is an excellent alternative. It is possible to buy in bulk or simply some to test before making a final decision. If you're looking for something to impress your partners or significant potential customers, purchasing an umbrella for your golf course is sure to impress.