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Umbrella Printing supplier in Singapore

Sep 1

Can a promotional umbrella help to boost my sales?

As we slowly get back from Covid-19 the business will gradually begin to return to its feet, and the hunt for new customers starts with a bang.

There are many questions about what the business landscape will be after the Coronavirus timeframe, such as are the strategies that worked before work time?.

With a number of events and exhibits being cancelled in the near future, companies will be looking for new ways to promote and promote their brand.

While the industry of promotional products has seen a drop in the demand for more traditional products like pen pens, mugs and other items but umbrellas are now bucking trends.

A single of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic is the growing desire for regular outdoor activities among the population at large, and the trend appears to be continuing even as the measures to lock down have been eased.

With the autumn and Winter months just a few days away from on the horizon typical associated inclement weather is likely to come, which could be the reason for the rise in sales of umbrellas.

It is widely accepted that a well-designed batch of promotional umbrellas can provide substantial benefits in terms of branding exposure and getting your message read by the largest amount of individuals.

Perhaps now is the right time to at the various possibilities to turn your employees or customers into the ultimate walk-in billboard!


Customized umbrellas can be a powerful promotional tool that you can incorporate into your marketing plan. It's an item for advertising, and generates a lot of attention, since umbrellas are a product that is frequently often used in public. Umbrellas are great for sunny or rainy days. They can be a great way to build brand visibility.

Umbrellas are made in various styles and material. This allows companies to design umbrellas that incorporate their logo and designs as part of their marketing strategies.

Customized umbrellas lead to an increase in brand awareness

Umbrellas can be customized according to the requirements of your brand. The shape and color of umbrellas can be selected so that it is in line with the colors of your company or logo. Statements, slogans or contact information could appear on an umbrellas to aid in increase brand recognition. You may also choose to design your umbrella's logo on the inside using full-color printing making the umbrella look distinctive.

How can umbrellas help increase brand awareness?

The brand's visibility will increase when umbrellas are used when they are in public. People who see these custom-designed umbrellas could discover more about the business through the logo or information placed across the. To gain an increase in attention from your audience, you must create something original and unique.

In short, promotional items like custom umbrellas are a great promotional product to use to raise awareness of your brand and, consequently, increase revenue. You have many options to customize your umbrella to make it unique and attract more interest. 

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