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Customised Yoga Mat

Nov 5

How to make winning customised yoga mat with your logo

Do you own a yoga business and want to market your business among passionate yogis. While you've tried many ways to promote your business and some have worked, did you consider printing your own yoga mats? Your logo and business slogan can make your yoga mats stand out to more customers. Many companies, large and small, have been creating customized yoga mats for years. They are reporting amazing results. Continue reading to learn more about customised yoga mat

Screen Printed or Digital Customised Yoga Mats

The way the graphic is placed on customised yoga mats are the most important. Screen printing and digital printing are the most popular methods. Because it is fast and affordable, screen printing has become the most popular way to place any graphic on a yogamat. You only need the desired graphics to screen print. Once you have a mat and a graphic, it's time to transfer the graphic to the mat. Screen printing uses high temperatures to transfer the graphic onto the mat. Although this is an efficient way to print a yoga mat, it can be slow and difficult to create detailed visuals. Screen printing is a great way to save money and put your logo on yoga mats. Digital Printing is the best option for those who want to get into finer details and create beautiful, detailed yoga mats. This method allows you to print your desired graphic directly on the surface of a yoga mat with robust printers. Although this method is more costly, the final product is far superior and vivid. The goals of your printing project will determine the best method to choose. Screen printing is a great way to promote your business or brand. If you want to make your yoga mats more creative and vibrantly printed, you might consider investing in digitally printed yoga mats.

Get to Know Your Customers

You should get to know your customer before you do any business. Are your customers experienced or newbie yoga practitioners? Which type of yoga do your customers prefer? Are they looking for extra motivation? Make sure you know who your ideal customer is and create a persona. This will help you to create the best yoga mat for your customers. Knowing what type of yoga your ideal customers prefer is crucial as you will need to choose the right yoga mat to print. If your customers love to travel, you might consider printing on 2mm yoga rugs. These are lightweight, portable, and thin. If your customers do a combination of yoga and pilates, printing on a 12mm yoga mat is a good option. Your customers are your best resource when creating a award-winning printed customised yoga mat.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

There are many choices when it comes to the materials that go into making yoga mats. PVC and rubber are the most common materials. It is important to choose materials that can be recycled and are eco-friendly, and avoid synthetic and cheap materials. A majority of yoga practitioners are deeply involved in environmentalism so choosing eco-friendly materials is a good idea. The slipperiness of a yoga pad can be reduced , making it more enjoyable and easy to practice.

Design Your Own Yoga Mats

Customers will appreciate the freedom to design their own designs. Not everyone likes premade designs. You can create your own design with our visual designing tool. You can upload a picture, change the colors and add text while you live view all the changes. You can ask our professional designers to make some samples of the design for you if you aren't satisfied. Send us an email if you have questions about printing customised yoga mats. Or chat live with us.