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What are you looking for in a caterer?

Dec 1

Food that is delicious is the key to the success of your wedding. Your guests will remember your wedding food in awe. Find the perfect caterer for your wedding here:

  • Available A caterer can't be available for the day of your wedding if they aren't available at the time. Before you decide to commit to someone, be sure you inquire early.
  • Create a budget for you: Choose a caterer that you can afford. A spending plan will assist you in avoiding spending too much on food.
  • Find a good personality match: Planning a wedding can be stressful. You should make sure that you get along with people that are easy to get along with.
  • Highly recommended and knowledgeable: Make sure the company has a track record of success with similar events to yours as well as references.
  • Transparent about money: Steer clear of price shady. Choose a caterer that is clear about the prices and will explain budgets and pricing alternatives.
  • Be transparent about food: Look for someone who is honest about where their food comes from and how it's prepared.

What is the cost of hiring a caterer?

Prices for catering depend on how fancy you want the food and service to be and how many guests you'll invite. When you're first looking to hire a caterer for your event, consider how many guests you'll host and the total budget for food and drinks. The average national cost for event catering is $340, but the cost of catering can be in the thousands depending on your menu, guest quantity, and services.

Catering can be described as anything from fully-cooked, ready-to-eat food that hosts prepare and then serve to their guests, to multi-course, complete-service meals, which include the rental of glassware, linens, and other equipment. The caterer can organize service personnel. Usually, a caterer will determine prices based on the type of event you're planning and the number of guests who will attend, the level of service you desire, and the kind of menu you'd like it to offer. For instance, if you have a budget for catering, say $1,500, and you're planning to have 50 people attend, that means you have $30 per person to eat. For food, if you have 100 people, and the same budget, $15 per person is your limit. This is how you determine the cost of catering.

What should the cost of catering per head be?

The cost of catering can vary from about $10 per guest on the low end to $150 or more per person on the higher end. Costs for catering are the cost of providing quality food as well as service and variety. However, catering costs are higher than the cost to cook the food served on the menu at your celebration and also the cost for the company to conduct business. Here's a quick overview of costs associated with catering:

  • Menu: The food you serve your guests directly will affect the cost per person. Organic ingredients, intricate recipes, elaborate presentations, or costly items such as lobster or filet mignon can all increase the price.
  • Service: Buffets, family style, and dinners served in a plated setting way you serve your food will affect the cost per head. Due to staffing costs, the cost of a true dinner could be twice as expensive as a staff-assisted buffet. Hiring waiters, bartenders, and the cleanup crew are all added to the cost per person for catering.
  • Drinks Serving alcohol-based and non-alcoholic drinks to guests could significantly add to the cost of catering. Hosting an open bar can cost as much per person as a meal.
  • Renting: The cost of catering can vary based on the kind of food you serve, plates or glassware, or even seating. A plastic conference table for 10 people is priced at $6, while a rustic wooden table is available for $80.
  • Business expenses All catering costs include wages, insurance, commercial kitchen space, and other business expenses.

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