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What is the most popular shingle color for 2022?

Jan 15


You will need to ensure that you have the best roofing shingle colors to choose from if you are looking for a replacement roof in 2022. Your home's curb appeal can be affected by the color you choose for its roof. We have some guidelines to help you make the best of your color choice. Roofing services provide some top colors that we installed in 2022.

Get the Best Roof Shingle Colors For Your Property

There are many shingle colors available today. It can sometimes be overwhelming. New shingles are now made from a mixture of multiple colors, which gives them texture and dimension. Your roof will be more unique after you have installed your new shingles.


This is why the following are the most popular general colors for 2022:


  • Beige and light brown (ex. desert tan or amber, chestnut).
  • Light gray and offwhite (ex. quarry gray, antique sterling)
  • Dark brown (ex. teak, Brownwood).
  • Blue (ex. harbor blue, pacific waves)

Choose the Best Roof Colors for Your Siding

Your roof should match the rest of your property's theme. This includes the color of your siding. It is not a good idea to spend money on a roof that doesn't match the rest of your property. Here are some color ideas based on your siding.

If your house has white

Your roof color choices are very flexible. The best options are solid-colored shingles or primary colors. A white home can have complementary roof colors in the form of red, black, and blue as well as gray and green. A brown roof is the most undesirable color for a white home unless it's something very dark.

Your house can be blue

The best colors are light grey, off-white, dark grey, and black. A darker brown is more suitable than a lighter brown if you choose brown. We've seen grey roofs as the most popular option for blue-sided homes. Avoid blue, red, and green roofs.

If your house has gray

A dark color is the best choice. Gray homes allow you to pick the color of your roof, with options such as blue, red, and green shingles increasing in popularity. Gray homes can look less appealing if you have lighter roof colors.

Your house may be red

Black shingles or a combination of black and white will be preferred. Red homes look fantastic with dark gray or dark brown shingles. Avoid light hues like red and green for your red home's roof colors.

If your house has brown

There are many options available for roof colors. Gray and black are great choices. Browns of any shade work well with brown homes. However, brown homes are less attracted to brightly colored roofs like green and red.

Should you use light or dark hues for your roof shingles?

Your home's curb appeal can be made more striking by the right amount of contrast between your siding and roof. This can be affected by the color of your siding and roof. Dark roof colors tend to be more striking. Dark roof colors can be blended with more complicated color combinations and dimensions. Darker roofs will draw more attention to your house and roof. For homes with steep pitches, lighter roof colors work well. A non-dominant color will not overwhelm your property's appearance like dark colors on steep roofs. For further details about shingles call the Wood shingles design service.