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Sea World

Apr 13

About Sea World

SeaWorld, located on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia, is a premier destination for marine mammal lovers. It offers an array of engaging attractions, such as rides and animal exhibits, while promoting conservation through educational initiatives and rescue-rehabilitation efforts. While this Sea World has no ties to its American namesake, it does form part of the theme park division from Village Roadshow along with Movie World and Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast!

SeaWorld Australia is the ultimate destination for family fun this school holidays! Get ready to experience amazing marine life like never before; with both thrilling rides and educational tours, you'll surely have a day that won't soon be forgotten. SeaWorld works hard towards wildlife conservation, giving families an incredible opportunity get up close and learn about how these animals play their vital role in our underwater worlds. Whatever your age or level of familiarity with the park - there's something new waiting just around every corner!

Sea World

What to do at Sea World

SeaWorld Gold Coast is an exciting and educational destination where you can embark on a wild ride, explore fascinating marine life exhibits, and make lasting memories. The park proudly promotes conservation efforts by rehabilitating wildlife in need while being part of the theme park division Village Roadshow. SeaWorld stands alone as Australia's most beloved aquatic attraction!

Embark on an adventure and explore The New Atlantis, a utopian destination of underwater wonders. Test your mettle as you bravely ascend the 42 metre-tall Trident - Sea World's tallest landmark! Soar through the sky with thrilling spins that defy gravity before ruling this magical realm from above. Dare to be its protector when visiting The New Atlantis precinct at Sea World today; become one with the deep by conquering their mightiest apex: The Trident.

Journey to the bowels of The New Atlantis and experience a thrilling adventure on Leviathan, Sea World's renowned wooden coaster. Experience heart-pumping action around every bend as you navigate banked turns, drops and dips at lightning speed! Test your mettle against this majestic beast - now open for daring adventurers everywhere!

Seaworld Au

One local company in Gold Coast that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Demolition Gold Coast Pro

Address: 4 Taree St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Telephone: (07) 5638 1207



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