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The Best Kinds of Instant Coffee

Sep 1

Why Instant Coffee? Instant coffee is a time-saving and convenient way to enjoy a cup of joe. With the options available, each person can customize their tastes with different flavors, brands, and strengths. No matter what you're in the mood for or how much time you have to spare, there's an instant coffee that will suit your needs. Discover facts about Boomi Coffee.

The Best Kinds of Instant Coffee

There are many varieties of Instant Coffees available at grocery stores; here are five flavors worth trying:

Hazelnut – This type of Organic Instant Coffee packs a rich nutty taste that can be enjoyed black or with a little milk and sugar

Irish Cream – Instant Coffe that tastes as it came from the Emerald Isles is made of coffee, cream, chocolate syrup, and vanilla extract

Mocha – A combination of Instant Coffee mixed with cocoa powder for an indulgent treat. Great for those who love to have their morning cup of joe

Vanilla Latte - Similar in taste to drinking a latte at your favorite coffee shop but without having to pay the price tag on it...a more economical option you can enjoy anywhere!

Hazelnut Latte: The perfect mix between Instant Coffee and hazelnuts with notes of caramelized brown sugar coming through. This flavor will surely make all your coffee cravings disappear.

Why you should drink instant coffee

You will be surprised but Strong Instant Coffee is the most produced type of coffee in America. What does this mean? Instant Coffee is popular because it can be made quickly, and tastes good! Instant Coffee is a great way to be able to enjoy the taste of coffee without everyone in your household being awake. Instant Coffee also has an easy and affordable price point for busy people on their morning commute that don't have time for anything but a quick cup before heading out the door.

How to make a great cup of instant coffee

Buy the Medium Roast Instant Coffee of your choice. Instant coffee can be purchased online and sometimes in grocery stores as well, but many prefer to get it from a local store for freshness purposes. Make sure you have some sugar on hand because many types of instant coffees are too bitter without any sweetener added. Boil water using an electric kettle or stovetop pot depending on what is available in your home (or office). Add one rounded teaspoonful of Instant Coffee per cup being made into the boiling water while stirring constantly until dissolved completely; this should only take about 30 seconds with most Instant Coffees. Let it cool slightly before adding milk if desired for taste/texture preference reasons.

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